Back Boiler to Combi Boiler

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A back boiler is situated behind a fire front normally in the lounge, both the fire and boiler work as a complete unit. Back boilers also require hot water cylinders and water tanks which are normally situated in the airing cupboard and loft. These, however will have to be removed if the heating system is converted to a combi boiler, thus gaining extra space.

Once the back boiler has been removed, you can either brick up the hole or install a gas or electric fire. Please contact our plumbers in Darlington 01325 242939 or 07766 794230 for full details .

To convert a back boiler system into a combi boiler system would require identifying a suitable location for the new combi boiler, where there is sufficient access to the gas supply and a drain for the condensate pipe, and in addition the ability to take the boiler flue to an outside area, such as a roof or an outside wall.

Combi boilers are suitable for small to meduim sized houses and are very efficient boilers, on average producing 98% efficiency. Combi boilers provide instant hot water, and save space as water tanks in the loft or hot water cylinders in airing cupboards are not required. Combi boilers vary widely in price and quality, so a combi boiler can be found to suit any budget.

Our experienced engineers and plumbers will be able to offer you invaluable advice, discussing all aspects of the change with you, guiding you through the whole process. We provide a professional and high quality service with minimal mess and disruption, contact our plumbers in Darlington today on 01325 242939 or 07766 794230 for your FREE no obligation quote.

Sometimes it may be required to change the position of the boiler controls, radiator valves or gas pipes to meet current building regulations. If needed, this will all be discussed in detail at the quotation stage and a new suitable location will be found.

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