Hot Water Cylinder

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Hot water cylinders are great water storage vessels, however many older hot water cylinders are not insulated and as a consequence the hot water held inside the cylinder cools down too quickly. This results in additional use of the boiler to keep the temperature of the water, which ultimately results in increased fuel bills. This can be simply resolved by purchasing an insulated jacket to fit around your cylinder.

If you find that you often run out of hot water, this could be due to several reasons such as your cylinder may be too small to keep up with your usage, or there could be a build up of limescale in the bottom of your cylinder, which is resulting in less room being available to store heated water. Alternatively it may just be your demand for hot water has increased, which could perhaps be due to the installation of a larger bath, new shower or an extra hot water outlet.

This can be resolved by upgrading the size of the cylinder and/or upgrading the size of the cold water tank feeding the cylinder. Both the cylinder and water tank are available in all shapes and sizes to suit all needs and spaces.

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