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Radiators are available in many different designs from modern towel rails to more traditional cast iron radiators. There are also many different sizes and prices of radiators available to meet all budgets.

Our professional engineers and plumbers in Darlington offer many services such as:-

  • Replacing/upgrading radiators
  • Installation of new radiators
  • Chemical Flush of central heating system
  • Replacement of radiator valves

Replacing a single radiator or all radiators in your home can make a large difference to the temperature of your house, due to the modern design of radiators. As newer radiators are much more efficient ensuring more heat stays in your room, therefore replacing radiators will save you money on your fuel bills whilst making your home more comfortable.

Replacing radiator valves also make a large difference to the heat in your home, and allow you more control over your heating system.

Radiators with cold spots may need the central heating system to be chemically flushed to remove the build up of dirt, or the radiators may need to be replaced. Curved radiators are often susceptible to cold spots due to the design narrowing the space inside the radiator allowing dirt to build up in the narrow gaps stopping/reducing the water flowing through.

Generally you can find a radiator size to match what you are replacing, however if there is a size difference there are many options available to manage this.

Here are just a few examples of some of the radiators currently available. Contact our professional and highly experienced plumbers in Darlington today on 01325 242939 or 07766 794230 for your FREE no obligation quote.

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