Power Flushing 

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There are many situations when a central heating power flush may be required, such as if your central heating is not as warm as it should be, if individual radiators do not heat up or when some radiators have cold spots.

These problems are caused by oxygen entering the heating system and corroding the inside of radiators. This causes small particles of metal from inside of the radiators (magnetite) to break off during the corrosion process and build up in the heating system as dirt and black slime.

If your heating system contains this build up of dirt and black slime it will be putting your boiler, pump, radiator valves and other essential parts under additional stress. As these parts are having to work much harder than they are designed to, this can reduce their life span and may lead to premature replacement of parts of the system or even the whole system, thus costing you more money. All this can be avoided with a power flush at a much cheaper price.

Power flushes can take up to a full day, and chemicals often need adding prior to the power flush, to help loosen the dirt in your system, chemicals will also need to be added after the power flush has been completed, to help your system stay clean.

A power flush also needs to be performed after a new boiler has been installed otherwise your boiler warranty will be invalid.

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